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What is Higher Self?

It is my belief that all living things posses both a 'Lower Self' and a 'Higher Self'.

The 'Lower Self' contains our Physical, Emotional, and Mental attributes. These are the things that we are most aware off. As we can plainly see / feel them.

The term 'Lower Self' dose NOT relate in any way to these attributes being insignificant, it is a reference to the 'Planes of Existence'. Which I will discuss in another page.

Our 'Higher Self' can be considered to be our Soul. This is a part of all of us. This is the part of us that some people may call spirit guide or guardian angel.

It is our 'Higher Self' that decides our life purpose, and knows of our past life experiences. We can communicate with our 'Higher Self' if we have the correct training.

Magic and Psychic work are both done through our 'Higher Self'.

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