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Yule - Winter Solstice

Mean Geimhridh, Alban Arthuan, Modranicht

21st December or when Sun is 1 degree Capricorn
Age of Sabbat - approx. 5,000 years
Call Upon the Goddess as Crone and The God as The Sorcerer

Yule marks the high point of Winter. It is a Solar Sabbat and is sacred to the Old God, the Lord of Winter. He is the Lord of Death, the Spirit world and Magic. Celebrating the Rebirth of the Sun, having been in decline since Summer Solstice, it is now starting to increase in strength (Evolution).

This is a time of beginnings and a time to reflect upon any new starts that you may have, dedicate them to the returning Sun.

Evergreens are brought in as a reminder that life will begin again. Holly with berry's is customary, the red berry's symbolise the resting Mother and the life returning to the Land. The green holly leaves representing the Holly King, whom rules until this time. The Yule Log is a Log upon which candles are rested, one per person. Upon lighting representing the return of the days of increasing light, and will express a wish for the forthcoming season. This Yule Log would then be retained until the forthcoming year, when it would be burnt on the fire.

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