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Ostara - Spring Equinox

Ostre, Mean Earraigh, Alban Eiler, Pasch, Caisg, Pesse

21st March or when Sun is 1 degree Aries
Age of Sabbat - approx. 5,000 years
Call upon the Goddess as Maiden, and the God as Hero

A festival of Dawn and growing life. It is a Solar Sabbat and is sacred to the Yong God, Lord of the rising Sun and Life. He is the custodian of growing plants and animals as well as the growing light of the Sun.

Eostre or Ostara is an Anglo-Saxon Dawn Goddess whose symbols are the Egg and the Hair. She is the European version of the Goddess Ishtar or Astarte, whose worship can be pre-dated to way before Christianity.

Ostara is a time of balance, a time to throw out the old, and seeking balance within. Take on new Ideas and thoughts.

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