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Mabon / Autumn Equinox

Harvest Home, Alban Elued, Mean Fomhair

21st September or when Sun is 1 degree Libra
Age of Sabbat - approx. 5,000 years
Call upon The Goddess as Mother Goddess and the God as The King God

Day and Night equal in length, this is a time for balance. Throw out the old, and allow room to take on a new. This is a time for Healing and Resolving Conflicts, a time for forgiveness for both others and primarily yourself. This used to be the time when prisoners were released back to their families.

A Solar Sabbat, sacred to the Father God, God as King, Judge, Lord of the tribe and Elder of the community. He is the Lord of Balance, Law and Justice. The height of the harvest, a time of returning thing to the way they should be.

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