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Lughnasadh, Lunasdal

1st August
Age of Sabbat - Unknown
Call upon The Goddess as Mother Goddess and the God as The King God

The first harvest is brought in. This is the time to celebrate the death of Lugh. It is a Lunar Sabbat sacred to the Mother Goddess as Lady of the harvest. The Death and rebirth of the God are important to this festival. It is also important to make sure we have given enough for what we have received.

Thanks are given to the fertility of the fields and the first bread baked from the new harvest is blessed. The last sheaf of the first field cut would be sacrificed to the land as a repayment for the bounty and to ensure fertility of the land in years to come.

The Feast of the sacrificial God. Some of the remains of the corn from the first harvest would be ground into flour to make the the food for the feast, in doing so sharing the blessings of the land with the people. In recognition of the Corn Kings sacrifice, small cakes would be made in the shape of men. This is the origin of Ginger Bread Men.

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