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Lupercalia, Disting, Lupercus, Brigantia, Imbolc, Oimealg, Candlemas

2nd February or when Sun is 15 degrees Aquarius
Age of Sabbat - Unknown
Call upon the Goddess as Maiden, and the God as Hero

The festival of the beginnings of Spring. We celebrate the renewed life of the Earth after winter and the growing strength of the Sun. The word 'Imbolg' means 'In the Belly' referring to many ewes being pregnant at this time and in a mild winter, many lambs will be born at this time.

Imbolg is the festival of light. It is traditional to light many candles to encourage the Sun to shine brighter and the Earth to throw off winter. Also it was customary to keep the fir from Yule and burn it on the Imbolg fire.

Sacred for the return of the Goddess as the Maiden, the 'Goddess of Dawn and Fire'. For Creativity, inspiration, fertility and Life.

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