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The Esbats

Full Moon Esbat

The Full Moon Esbat is used for Banishing, Protection and Divination workings
also Planning, Releasing and working Backward in Time.

It can be said that the bets Full Moon magic has a seven day window, this is three days before the Full Moon, on the Night of the Full Moon and for three days after the Full Moon. Sometime the results of the Magic take a full Moon cycle in order to be completed.

New Moon Esbat

The New Moon is used for Personal Growth, Healing and Blessing of a Personal Venture.

The results from a New moon should be seen by the start of the next Full Moon.

Waxing Moon

This is a time for Attraction Magic, anything with which you wish to gain ie Money, Relationships, ect.

Waning Moon

This is a time for Banishing and Rejecting things from our lives whether this be Negative Emotions, bad Habits, Diseases or Ailments.

The Dark of the Moon

This is the period three days before the New Moon. Traditionally this is a time for Rest. No magic will be performed at this time. Deep Meditation and Vision Questing can be performed at this time, but not for Magical Purposes. However, Hekate Rules over this time, if you need her Magic Now is the time to do it.

Names of the Moons

There are Thirteen Full Moons, each with an Individual Name.

January Wolf Moon
February Storm Moon
March Chaste Moon
April Seed Moon
May Hare Moon
June Dyad (Pair) Moon
July Mead Moon
August Wyrt (Green Plant) Moon
September Barley Moon
October Blood Moon
November Snow Moon
December Oak Moon
Variable Blue Moon

The Harvest Moon is the Full Moon that falls nearest to Mabon. It allowed Farmers extra Moonlight to bring in crops. This is a time to call in favours or add extra protection.

A Blue Moon occurs when there are Two Full Moons in the same calendar Month. The Blue Moon is the Second of these Full Moons. This is a time to set Long Term Goals, review your accomplishments since last Blue Moon.

Moon Phases
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