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Beltane - May Day

Beltainne, Roodmas, Calin Mai, Beltaine, Bealteinne, Mean Earraigh, Valpurga

1st May or when Sun is 15 degrees Taurus
Age of Sabbat - Oldest Known
Call upon the Goddess as The Mother and the God as The Lover at this time.

This is the beginning of the Light half of the Year. It is the opposite of Samhain, and is the festival of Life. The veil between the worlds is again thin at this time. Be wary of mischievous spirits at this time when carrying out divination. Also be careful of what you 'wish for' when carrying out Magic at this time.

Beltane celebrates the marriage of the Goddess and the God. It is sacred to fertility. Maypoles would be erected, with dancers around the pole and ribbons bound tight - to symbolise the sexual union of The Goddess to The God. Those that had not found a partner would look at this celebration.

Beltane is a common time for witches for Handfasting. This is a wiccan form of Wedding. However both parties are seen as equal, with none being 'Given Away'. You would write you own vows and say them to each other without an intermediary.

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