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Minor Chakras

There are twenty-one minor Chakras which are normally identified for healing. These are connected to vital body functions, they both receive and discharge subtle energy to keep the body healthy.

One one the sole of each foot and behind each knee. These are for keeping our connection with Earth or 'Grounding'.

One for each gonad, these intact with our sexual functioning, aided by the Base and Sacral Chakras.

Two for spleen, one for stomach, one near the liver, these interact with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

One for the thymas gland and this supports the Heart chakra.

One for each breast - one on each side of the clavicle - Affect the lymphatic system.

One for each eye and one for each temple - these feed the brain and can be developed to aide in detecting extra-sensory information and also to send healing to others.

One on palm of each hand - these are to give and receive the gift of tough to express our heart love.

Alta Major chakra - located at the base of the back of the skull, this is the energy place for race memory and survival patturns inherited from our ancestors. It is also used for distant memory, possibly involving past-life recall.

The Minor Chakras are the subtle defenders of the body, whilst the seven Major Chakras are the initiators of key bodily functions. Together, the Major and Minor Chakras, the Auric Field and crossing Energy Lines throughout the body, form the matrix of human life.

Hand Drawn List of Minor Chakras
More Hand Drawn List of Minor Chakras
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