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All around our bodies are subtle energy fields. The fields vary in colour and are known as our Aura.

Our Aura's interact with us trough spiralling centres of energy. In yoga, these centres are known as Chakras. This is a Sanskrit word meaning 'Wheels of Light'.

There are seven main Chakras along with many minor Chakras. These Chakras interact with our body's ductless endocrine glands and lymphatic system. They feed in good energy and remove unwanted energy.

Chakra Colour of influence Body Sense Endocrine Gland
Base / Muladhara Red Smell Testes / Ovaries
Sacral / Svadisthana Orange Taste Adrenals
Solar Plexus / Manipura Yellow Sight Pancreas
Heart / Anahata Green / Pink Touch Thumys
Throat / Vishuddha Turquoise Hearing Thyroid / Parathyroids
Brow / Ajna Deep Blue Extra-sensory perception Pituitary
Crown / Sahasrara Violet / Gold All senses Pineal
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