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Sorcerer God

Season of Winter, Lord of the Hunt and of the Forests.

Lord of Death, the Old of is also patron of Shamans, Priests and Sorcerers. He presides over Omens, Dreams and Ecstatic Trance. God of Wealth and Prosperity.

The most common name for the Old God is Cernunns. This is the Celtic form of the Old God. It means "Horned One". His animal forms are the Stag and the Horned Serpent or Dragon. He is Patron of Druids, Magical and Spiritual Knowledge. Cernunns has two important attributes; The Staff of Life and The Cauldron of Plenty. The Staff possess the ability to both kill and resurrect. The Cauldron contains a never ending supply of food and drink.

The Old God is Show as an old man with a long white beard. Commonly he is dressed in green or red robes, crowned with holly. Portraying this God as "the Spirit of Christmas Present", Dickens interpreted his Cauldron of Plenty as a drinking Horn filled with "the Milk of human kindness". In his modern form of Santa Claws, the Old God still retains is ancient role as Giver of Plenty - His Cauldron transformed into a bag of toys, and his totem Reindeer now present at his side on the Longest night of the year.

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