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Memorial Quarter Calls

By Lady Anna

Opening Quarters

I give the blessing of the East: As all that falls shall rise again, So our friends shall be reborn. The air we breathe, this treasure of our life, the compassionate caring we give each other blesses this circle. From the East, Blessed Be! I give the blessing of the South: As our life is like a day, so our friends have passed into the night. The fire of our life, the memories and courage, the strength given to us by our friends, bless this circle From the South, Blessed Be! I give the blessing of the West: As the sun sets at close of day, so our friends have left us behind Our tears, salty like the sea, and life, the waters of our mother's womb, bless this circle. From the West, Blessed Be! I give the blessing of the North: As the Earth formed us each one, so shall our friends return to the earth once more. Our Mother feeds us and clothes us, She gives us everything and at the last she takes our bodies back. From the North, Blessed Be!

Close Quarters

North The Crone Goddess has reclaimed their bodies for now - But we know they shall soon be reborn, strong, healthy and happy once more: From the North, Farewell! Blessed be!" West Remember - Though the night be full of weeping, yet there comes joy in the morning: Cherish your memories, and the love you feel tonight. From the West, Farewell! Blessed be South Now - go forth and live life with energy and passion, but keep their precious memories in a special place in your heart - until you meet again. From the South, Farewell! Blessed be East Remember -we shall live again, love again, and recognize one another: From the East, Farewell! Blessed be
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