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Mother Goddess

Full Moon, Season of Summer, Ruler of Night and Direction of South

Mother Goddess of Unconditional Love, Compassion, Nurturing and Fertility.

As the Creator of all things, the Mother Goddess is also the Ruler of all. She rules with unconditional Love and Compassion. As she feels that the universe is likened to her children. She is the Sustain of the Universe.

When invoking, you can call on The Mother Goddess as the Loving Divine Parent, as the Spirit of All Things.


Greek Goddess of The Earth and of Growing Things. Creator of Agriculture as a gift to Humankind.

When Demeter's daughter, Kore was kidnapped by the King of the Dead and became Persephone Queen of the Otherworld, Demeter fell into mourning and Winter fell upon the Earth. All the plants withered and died, there was grate suffering over the land. After time had passed, Demeter found her Daughter, and it was agreed that Persephone would spend part of the year with as Queen of the Otherworld and part of the year with her Mother. Demete created Grain and gave the secret to its cultivation to Triptolemus, who then taught it to the World.


Gaia is the Greek Goddess of the Earth. Gaia's first child was Uranos, the Sky God who had no father. Thereafter Gaia took Uranos as her consort. She became the Mother of Titans, the elder gods of Greek mythology, and of all living creatures. After time had passed, Gaia (Earth) and Uranos (Sky) were separated by their son Titan (Time), whom castrated his father and gave the world it's current form.


Symbolised by the 'Sacred Cow'. Laksmi is a popular Hindu Goddess. She is seen as the Source of Material Sustenance, Wealth and Good Fortune. She is the Origin of all Material Blessings. Laksmi is said to have risen from a primordial Sea of Milk while mounted upon a Lotus.

Mati Suira Zemlya-

She is the Mother Goddess of Ancient Russia, representing the Fertility of the Earth itself. Mati Suira Zemlya's consort is Svarog the Sky God. Together they become the Parents of the Gods and of all Living Things. Spirit of the Earth, Mati Suira Zemlya is greatly revered. Held to be the Origin of all Stability, Strength and Good Things.


Yemaya is the Afrodiasporic Mother Godess. Godess of the Life-giving Sea. She represents the bounty of the Ocean and the Waters that give fertility to the Earth and Sustenance to Living Creatures. A Goddess of Compassion, Strength and Nurturing. Spectacle Patron of Mothers and Children and of the Family.

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