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Maiden Goddess

Waxing Moon, Season of Spring, Ruler of Dawn and Direction of East

The Young Goddess of Spring and new beginnings, dawn, youth, passion, fresh potential, Art, Creativity, self expression, beauty, intelligence and skill.

Some times the Maiden is perceived of as a child, but more often as a young woman. She is normally shown in one of the three following forms:

The Artist (Flora, Kore, Minerva, Sesheta), The Guardian (Anat, Artemis, Durga) and The Lover (Venus, Ezili, Hathor).


Protective Goddess of the Greek City of Athens, Athena is Goddess of the mind and intellect, and patron of all the Arts and Crafts. She is the Goddess of science, books and learning and is symbolised by the owl of wisdom. A great Warrior Goddess, Athena inspires people to great acts, and acts as a protector to those in need.

Brighid (Bride, Brigantia and Brigantina)

Celtic Goddess of fire and inspiration, Brighid rules over the arts and crafts, especially poetry, smith-craft and medicine. She is a Goddess of wisdom and learning, as well as cunning. She can overcome all obstacles.

On February 1 or February 2, Brigid is celebrated at the festival of Imbolg, when she brings the first stirrings of spring to the land.

Brighid was the daughter of the Dagda and one of the Tuatha Dé Danann. She was the wife of Bres of the Fomorians, with whom she had a son, Ruadán. She had two sisters, also named Brighid, and is considered a classic Celtic Triple Goddess

Ezili (Erzulie, Oshun, Oshun)

Ezili is the Afro-diasporic Goddess of love and beauty, art and self expression. Poetry, song, and dance are sacred to her. She is a patron of both romantic and sensual love, and promotes happiness and joy in life. Goddess of independence, fulfilment and personal strength.


Egyptian Goddess of love, beauty and personal fulfilment. Often depicted as a cow or with the head of a cow, symbolising fecundity. Patron of art, music, dance and all thing beautiful and pleasing. She is often symbolised by a mirror, representing self knowledge and fulfilment. Identified with the sky, Hathor is the consort of Horus, the Sun God.

"Thou art the Mistress of Jubilation, the Queen of the Dance, the Mistress of Music, the Queen of the Harp Playing, the Lady of the Choral Dance, the Queen of Wreath Weaving, the Mistress of Inebriety Without End."


Roman Goddess of the hearth and fire, Vesta is the protector of the home and of the people in it. The safety of the family is in her hands. She is patron of the homely arts, cooking, weaving and housekeeping. Vesta is also a Goddess of honour and justice, protector of the virtuous and guardian of the weak.

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