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Lover God

Season of Summer, Spirit of Earthly Life

The Lover is master of every Art and Skill, Embodying all the Stregnths of the Sun. He also embodys all virtues and expresses the highest ideals of and culture.

The Lover represents the God as consort of the Goddess. He is Matter as she is Spirit. She is Yin to his Yang. Thire union creates and maintains the Pyisical World, which arises from her and is carried out by him.


The Consort of Cybele, He is considered to be the world of Matter, eternaly moving between Life and Death - Evolution and Involution.


Lugh is the Celtic version of the Dying and Reborn God, also called Lugus and Lleu. Lugh was raised by his uncle Gwydion, God of Sorcery. Because the Magic of his mother prevented Lugh from marriage any mortal maid, Gwydion used hos magic to create a bride for Lugh using nine kinds of Flowers. She was Blodeuwydd. They lived happily for a while and the Land was in Summer. After some months, Blodeuwydd fell in love with Hafgan, and together they plotted Lugh's death.However the Magic used to prevent Lugh's marrage also kept him from any kind of injury. Hafgan Struck when he was at his most vulnerable. There after the world fell into winter. Grief stricken Gwydion searched for Manny months for Lugh and eventually found him reincarnated as an eagle. He used his magic to restore Lugh to his former self and the world returned to spring. This is the cycle of the seasons.


Tammuz was the king of Uruk and husband to Ishtar. Killed by a wild boar, Tammuz crossed into the realm of death, which was ruled by the Goddess Allat. Struck-en with grief, Ishtar resolved to go into the land of death and reclaim her beloved one. Descending through the seven gates, representing the seven plains of existence, the seven Chakras, Ishtar arrived at the realm of her sister Allat. Ishtar convinces Allat to release Tammuz and the other spirits of death, thus inaugurating the cycle of death and rebirth.


Xango is the Afro-diasporic God of fertility. Lord of Storms. He is accompanied by Thunder and lightning and governs the rain that fertilises the Earth. He is the God of Courage, honor and Skill. Xango hung himself from the World Tree and dyed, only to be resurrected by the Goddess Oya and bringing about the Ganges in the seasons.

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