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King God

Season of Autumn, God of the Harvest, Protector of People, keeper of Peace.

The King is the Spirit of the Crops, literally sacrificing his life so that others may live. He is the God passed from Warrior, to leader. Nurturing Family and Community, he is the Father whom has given up the independent life of a child to be part of a family and whom has given up his separateness to help in the raising of his children and the running of the community.

The King is the God of Balance and Justice, of Structure and Form. He is the Judge as his willingness to tackle and resolve difficult situations, to abide by and uphold agreements. He puts the physical world to order and establishes solid forms and systems.


One of the Titans, the Gods of pre-classical Greece. Atlas is a God of the Sky, his consort is the Goddess Pleione. He is God of Cosmic order, separating the Sky from the Earth, he bore the sky on his shoulders. An act of self sacrifice that enabled the universe to assume it's present form. He is Patron of Law and Government, also a Culture Hero. Atlas was founder of the Kingdom of Atlantis, Creator of it's culture and progenitor of it's Royal House.


Roman King of the God's. He is God of Law and Government, Justice and Wisdom. He embodied all of the quality's of a good father including Sobriety and Impartiality. Jupiter is associated with Prosperity, Expansion and Growth, Self-Confidence and Optimism. His Consort is Juno.


The Celtic version of the King God. Nodens is King of the God's and is associated with Prosperity and Expansion. God of Law and protection, also of water, Healing and Medicine. He is Patron of Government.


Falcon Headed God of the Sun. Ra is considered chief among the Egyptian Gods. He maintains cosmic order, reigning in the sky by day and under the Earth by Night. He embodied and maintains the cycle of existence. God of Justice, Honor, Civilisation and Justice.


The Chinese King of Heaven, he maintains the balance and order of the universe and the eternal progress of it's cycles. He is the patron of Government and Law and is the God of Justice, Honor, Duty and Responsibility.

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