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Hero God

Season of Spring, Ruler of Dawn

The Young God of Spring and new beginnings, dawn, youth, passion, fresh potential, Art, Creativity, self expression, beauty, intelligence and skill.


Greek God of Life, Vitality, Creativity and Self Expression. Apollo is patron of physical and spiritual Medicine. He is Lord of Prophecy and Healing, Music and Mathematics, Cosmic order and Lord of the Year. Lord of the Light.

The Green Man

The Green Man represents the Spirit of Plants, returning to the Earth in Spring and flourishing in Summer. He represents the Life of the Forest and Fields, along with God as the Flouring material World, he also represents the God energy growing forth from the Goddess.


Th Roman God of War, represents the Summer season, growing crops and the warmth of the Sun that fertilises the Earth. He is associated with Strength, Honor, Virtue and Personal Integrity. He is also God of Persona Achievement, Action and Success.


The Germanic God of Storms and Fertility. Courage and Integrity are his traits, with strong links to Sacred Trees and Sacred Groves.

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