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Crone Goddess

Warning Moon, Seasons of Autumn and Winter, Ruler of Night and Direction of West

The Goddess of Wisdom, Magic, Spirituality, Death and Endings, Transformation and Regeneration. Patron Goddess for Witches and of Witchcraft.

The Crone represents the last stage of life, when the Body is at its weakest but the Psychic and Magical Power are at there strongest. As the Goddess of Death, the Crone breaks down our old forms to make change and rebirth possible. She is not the Destroyer but more the Transformer, with which our souls can benefit from. If we do not change, our souls can become 'Stagnant' and become unable to perform there purpose in this life.

Baba Yaga

Baba Yoga is the Russian form of The Crone Goddess. She appears in many folk-law tales in which a young protagonist seeks out her enchanted cottage and asks a boon from her. Receiving it only after completing many near impossible tasks. Baba Yoga is portrayed as an Ancient, wise Witch who fly's through the air on a magical pestal and morter. She has power over the elements. Living in a cottage in a remote Forrest, which walks around of it's own accord on giant chicken legs, Baba Yoga's home is protected by a fence of stakes on which are mounted the skuls of unsuccessful seekers. The protagonist's own past lives.


Associated with the moon, Hekate is the Greek Crown Goddess. She is often shown with three heads or faces, sometimes as three women standing together. This represents the tree phases of the Moon. In this sense, Hekate has aspects of all three Goddesses, Maiden, Mother and Crone. She is Goddess of Prophecy, Magic and Witchcraft. Worshiped at the Crossroads, she is considered a Queen of the Otherworld.


Kali is the most famous Hindu example of the Crone Goddess. Usually shown an a jet-black Goddess with many Arms, wearing a necklace of skull that represent the cycle of death and rebirth. Her blood red tong is shown extended showing her regenerating aspects. Kali's consort is Shia the Destroyer and she is often shown standing on his recumbent body, as Goddess of death and transformation.


As the Goddess of Magic and Sorcery, Morrighan is the Celtic form of the Crone Goddess. Morrighan is also the Goddess of sovereignty. She appears in many myths where she approaches a would-be King or hero in her aged form, demanding sexual favours. When the Hero makes love to the aged woman, she transforms into a beauty in his arms. She then prophesies his rise to Kingship.


This Aztec Crone had as one of her characteristics the quality of consuming outmoded forms and transmuting them. At the end of there lives, Aztecs would make a confession to Tlacolteutl, who would then cleanse their soul of any wrongdoing allowing them to pass to the Otherworld without regret. Tlacolteutl was sometimes portrayed riding naked on a broomstick, wearing a horned headdress. She also has aspects of the Maiden and Mother Goddess.

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